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Saniflo SaniMarin MaxLite

Brand: Saniflo
Model Numbers: Maxlite
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Type: Macerating Upflush Toilet

Maxlite 12/24 volt 
SKU # 078/079 

Ideal Use: Automatic Marine and RV Toilets

Product Description

Specially designed for these markets, SFA SANIFLO toilets are particularly appreciated by professional and pleasure boaters as well as for cross-country RV enthusiasts all over the world. Their high levels of reliability and comfort, the small quantities of water and electricity needed to operate them and their simplicity of installation are why SFA SANIFLO systems are considered best in the industry.

The result of considerable Research and Development work carried out in our laboratories, the new SFA SANIFLO systems represent a big technological step forward in the eld of boat and RV toilets. The SFA SANIFLO units combines comfort, effciency and reliability, while giving absolute priority to SILENCE!


How It Works: Saniflo SaniMarin MaxLite Instructional Video


Operating Principle

After activation of the flush mechanism, the motor starts automatically. System macerates organic waste and paper into fine particles in 3 to 6 seconds. Waste is then discharged through a standard 1" or 1-1/2" pipe. The tank is then completely emptied and the s-trap from the toilet is refilled with water.

With its pumping capabilities of up to 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally, the Sanimarin systems can discharge the waste water to a holding tank wherever it’s located. Its efficient maceration process facilitates tank cleaning and emptying while giving you the flexibility of pumping out the waste via small diameter pipes through the floor or the wall to its point of discharge. With its improved control system, you can save water by controlling the amount being flushed as well as it gives you an easier way to monitor the holding tank.


The MAXLITE macerating toilet system, the latest model from SFA SANIFLO, is the ideal solution to replace your hand pump toilet. Its exceptionally light weight is an additional asset for your boat or RV.

  • Same footprint as hand pump toilets
  • Provided with soft-close toilet seat
  • Ultra light material used for bowl construction
  • Enables variable positioning of the bowl to fit in very tight spaces
  • Equipped with powerful stainless steel macerating blade
Control System
1. System operated by a two-position rocker switch
2. Command to add water for supply or replenish
3. Command to macerate and pump out waste
Technical Features

Discharge: 10 Ft vertically / 100 Ft horizontally

Non-return valve: Integrated
Discharge pipe diameter: 1" or 1-1/2" Power/Voltage: 300 W (12V) or 360 W (24V) Electrical consumption: 0.007Ah (12V) and 0.004Ah (24V) per second

Water consumption: Quantity decided by user

Water use: System comes with a built-in self-priming pump. The Maxlite cannot be connected to a pressurized water supply system.

Weight: 17.6 Lbs