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How does a Saniflo Marine macerating toilet system work?
When the toilet is flushed, a powerful macerator with a rotating blade shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, this solid material then changes to a fine slurry which moves easily through a narrow pipe. The water level in the bowl is adjusted automatically at the end of each cycle to eliminate all risk of odors. The macerator/pump is sealed for life and requires NO maintenance! And no waste sits inside the unit like other brands.

How the SaniMARIN Toilet Operates
To better understand the system, please watch this 3-minute instructional video:

Do I have to use special toilet paper?
No. All types of standard toilet paper can be used.
What is the advantage of this SaniMarin automatic system vs a toilet with a hand pump?
  • Ease of use:
    No complicated, bothersome pumping, all you have to do is press the button to start the SaniMarin toilet
  • Low water consumption:
    Even if the SaniMarin uses sea water, it is important for the boat's autonomy to send only a small quantity of water into the Black Water Tank during each flushing cycle. The SaniMarin consumes 0.31gallons (1.2 l) for the economical cycle and 0.58 gallons (2.2 l) for the normal cycle. With a manually operated toilet, consumption is much higher, because there is no way of controlling the quantities used.
  • Location of the Black Water Tank:
    Thanks to its pumping height 10 ft. (3 m) and its horizontal pumping distance 98 ft. (30 m), a SaniMarin enables the black water tank or the purification system to be placed wherever you want on board.
  • Advantages of maceration:
    A SaniMarin grinds the substances up into very fine particles, so only liquids have to be discharged into the black water tank (or the purification system), in pipes that can be even smaller than the standard diameter of 1'' 1/2 (38 mm). There are no problems of blocking or having to drain the installation. The macerator unit is very sturdy and reliable.
Do I have enough room to replace my small hand pump toilet?
We have a compact model specifically designed for hand pump toilet replacements. Our SaniMARIN 31C unit is comfortable while taking up only a small amount of floor space. It's available in 12V or 24V.

Is the Sanimarin toilet noisy?
A SaniMarin toilet is very quiet, the noise made by the motor is covered by the slight noise made by the water. It is quieter than toilets operating with a hand pump or vacuum operated toilets. It is actually the quietest electric toilet on the market!

Will the SaniMarin toilet use up a lot of electricity from my power supply?
The motor of a SaniMarin toilet consumes very little electricity per flushing cycle. With a 12 Volt supply, the motor absorbs 20 Amperes for a very short time (10 seconds in the economical mode). Electricity consumption is only 0.02 Ampere hour. Over 24 hours of use for 4 persons (about 16 cycles), the total consumption is only 0.32 Ah. For an 11 meter craft, this makes up 0.16% of the overall daily electricity consumption. (The refrigerator accounts for 22% if it operates for 12 hours a day and the automatic pilot uses 15% if it operates for about 10 hours a day.)

What are the voltage/power supply requirements?
The SaniMarin toilet motors are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt versions, for Direct Current or 110 Volt for Alternating Current, so absolutely any boat can be accommodated. 


How long will the SaniMarin systems last?
A national recognized laboratory tested the system for 50,000 cycles, e.g. flushed 10 x a day = 3650 x a year = 13.69 years lifetime. As this is a standard test, it was stopped after 50,000 cycles; therefore your unit may last much longer, as most of our happy customers find.
Does the system need maintenance?
No, the motor is filled with oil and sealed for life!

What if a foreign objects or substance is thrown in the bowl?
A SaniMarin toilet must only be used like a regular toilet, only for human waste and toilet paper. Damage to the equipment due to maceration of foreign bodies such as cotton, tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, or hair, or pumping of liquids such as solvents or oils, is not covered by the warranty. However, if the macerator/pump is accidentally blocked by a foreign body, in most cases it is easily accessible, as there is only one collar to remove.

What warranty is provided by Saniflo?
All pump units have a full 2-year warranty.


I'm not sure which Saniflo Marine system is right for me. Can you help?
Absolutely! Just use our contact form or call one of our Saniflo experts and they will be happy to analyze your specific project and let you know exactly what Saniflo system would work best for you.

Can I ask you questions after I purchase?
Yes. Absolutely! We provide full email and phone support to all our customers. The Saniflo tech support team is also available, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST 800-571-8191 to walk you through any DIY installation questions you might have.