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Saniflo Installation Guides


How does a Saniflo Marine macerating toilet system work?
When the toilet is flushed, a powerful macerator with a rotating blade shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, this solid material then changes to a fine slurry which moves easily through a narrow pipe. The water level in the bowl is adjusted automatically at the end of each cycle to eliminate all risk of odors. The macerator/pump is sealed for life and requires NO maintenance! And no waste sits inside the unit like other brands.

How the SaniMARIN Operates

To better understand the system, please watch this 3-minute instructional video:

Can I install a SaniMarin unit by myself?
A SaniMarin automatic toilet is easy to install:
  1. Connect the the water supply and discharge connections to the connections of your previous toilet 
       (these connections are standard so they will be the same for all models)  
  2. Hook up the electrical supply (12V, 24V or 110V depending on the model you're purchasing)
  3. Fix the toilet to the floor with brackets, on which the porcelain unit is fastened by screws. 
    Full installation instructions are available for download directly from our website, so feel free to take a look before you purchase. We encourage it! You'll see how easy it is to upgrade to an automatic toilet in just a couple of hours work.

    Do I need an auxiliary water feed pump?
    Yes, to operate, a SaniMarin toilet needs a pressurized water supply (at least 1.7 bar). If freshwater is used on board, the pressure is supplied by the on-board water pump unit. If outside water is used, seawater or freshwater (from a canal, etc.), it is necessary to install a feed pump between the water inlet valve and the SaniMarin . This type of pump is available as an option (SaniMarin Sea Pump).
    Does the Sanimarin toilet use freshwater or seawater?
    A SaniMarin can operate on freshwater or seawater. If there is a sufficient freshwater storage capacity on board, or if the boat is fitted with a desalination unit, or if it is possible to take on freshwater frequently, it is preferable to use freshwater. This is made possible by the low water consumption levels of a SaniMarin. Freshwater avoids unpleasant smells, and it simplifies system maintenance. If you opt for seawater, it is just necessary to remember to rinse the system with freshwater before winterizing. In both cases, the cleaning products used must be biodegradable and environmentally safe.

    Can my boat provide the electrical power needed?
    The motor of a SaniMarin toilet consumes very little electricity per flushing cycle. With a 12 Volt supply, the motor absorbs 20 Amperes for a very short time (10 seconds in the economical mode). Electricity consumption is only 0.02 Ampere hour. Over 24 hours of use for 4 persons (about 16 cycles), the total consumption is only 0.32 Ah. For an 11 meter craft, this makes up 0.16% of the overall daily electricity consumption. (The refrigerator accounts for 22% if it operates for 12 hours a day and the automatic pilot uses 15% if it operates for about 10 hours a day.)

    What are the voltage/power supply requirements?
    The SaniMarin toilet motors are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt versions, for Direct Current or 110 Volt for Alternating Current, so absolutely any boat can be accommodated. 

    Does the SaniMarin systems need to be vented?
    No the SaniMarin toilet is self-venting and doesn't require an additional vent connection.

    Where is the waste discharged?
    The waste is pumped into a Black Water holding tank by means of a proper waste pipe system that complies with applicable codes.

    Do I have to install a Black Water Tank on board?
    Under the terms of marine legislation, in most countries, all discharge of black water into the sea is prohibited; this means that each boat must be fitted either with a black water storage tank, or with a black water treatment system. In both cases, the fine-grain maceration and the powerful pumping equipment on a SaniMarin considerably simplify system operation and maintenance. So the SaniMarin toilet is helpful in being used with a Black Water Tank, and does not replace the need for one.

    SaniMARIN Installation with a Holding Tank

    Are there any additional safety instructions to be complied with during the installation
    SaniMarin toilets are equipped with check valves integrated in a standard marine 38 mm (1''1/2) diameter discharge pipe, but it is possible to use smaller anti-odor pipes, which are handier. The pipes must be installed in compliance with the safety heights above the waterline, as recommended in the instructions. Don't forget the vacuum breaker valves at the high points, to ensure full safety and efficient operation.

    How much water does the system use?
    The SaniMarin is designed for exteremly low water consumption. The SaniMarin consumes 0.31gallons (1.2 l) for the economical cycle and 0.58 gallons (2.2 l) for the normal cycle. With a manually operated toilet, consumption is much higher, because there is no way of controlling the quantities used. 

    Note that even if the SaniMarin uses seawater, it is important for the boat's autonomy to send only a small quantity of water into the Black Water Tank during each flushing cycle. 

    Can I discharge the waste by means of upward slopes?
    The best method to install a discharge pipe is to rise vertically at the unit as high as necessary and from that point slope down at a fall of 1⁄4 inch per linear foot to the point of discharge.
    Can I also install a shower or bathtub?
    Yes, you can use our SaniShower grey water pump to add a shower as well.
    Do I need to install a P-Trap in vanities, bathtubs, and showers?
    Yes, even though macerating systems have built-in mechanical traps a regular P-Trap is necessary to prevent odors and sewer gases from escaping into the room.
    Can I get the installation manual and instructions for a specific Saniflo model?
    Yes, all the installation manuals are posted on our website on the product description page. Just look for the "Specifications & Installation Manual" section and click on the link underneath. The manual will open directly in your internet browser.