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Saniflo SaniMARIN 35 | Full Size Electric Marine Toilet

Brand: Saniflo
Model Numbers: 035
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Price: $ 900.00
Type:  Full Size Electric Marine Toilet
Product #: 035
Ideal Use:  Any Boat
Features and Benefits:
  • Pumps vertically up to 10 ft
  • Full size toilet that's still lightweight
  • Perfectly slanted to fit a hull's shape
Product Includes:
SaniMARIN 35 macerating electric marine toilet plus FREE soft-close Toilet Seat!

Options Include:
Electricity: 12V, 24V or 110V

Specifications & Installation Manual:
SaniMARIN 35 - Official Manual


Example Installations:

SaniMARIN Toilets - Example Installations (Photo Gallery)

Product Description:

Available in 12, 24 or 110 volts, this model offers contemporary styling with flowing lines that allow it to fit neatly into curved hulls. Eco-friendly with a dual-flush mechanism.

How It Works: Saniflo SaniMARIN Instructional Video

How It Works: 
SaniMARIN toilets combine a macerating pump and an electronically activated toilet into a single, compact package:

  • At the touch of a button on the control panel, waste is flushed down from the bowl into the macerating area situated below.
  • This area contains both a pump and a macerator. The latter is a turbine with stainless steel blades that swiftly grind the waste matter into fine particles in three to six seconds.
  • This matter is simultaneously pumped through a standard 1½-inch plastic pipe into a blackwater holding tank, which may be located above or below sea level, for eventual discharge. Thanks to their 10-foot pumping height and powerful horizontal pumping distance of 98 feet, SaniMARIN upflush toilets enable boat owners to locate the blackwater tank (or purification system) wherever desired on board.
  • Once the toilet bowl is completely emptied, the unit’s s-bend fills with water again. The water level in the bowl adjusts automatically at the end of each flush cycle to eliminate all risk of odors.

This model provides a dual-flush mechanism that sends only a small quantity of water to the holding tank: 0.31 gallons of water for the economical (“Eco”) cycle and 0.58 gallons for the normal cycle. The latter is adjustable to 0.79 gallons.

Installation can be adapted to suit any plumbing configuration and all types of boats. SaniMARIN models operate with either an on-board, pressurized, freshwater system; or with a raw-water system that requires a separate seawater pump.

Warranty: 2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

Technical Specifications:
Saniflo - SaniMARIN35 - Technical Specs