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Saniflo SaniMARIN 31C | Compact Electric Marine Toilet

Brand: Saniflo
Model Numbers: 031C
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Price: $ 679.15
Type: Compact Electric Marine Toilet
Product #: 031C
Ideal Use:  Small Boats, Confined Bathroom Areas
Features and Benefits:
  • Pumps vertically up to 10 ft
  • Smallest electric marine toilet on the market
  • Perfect replacement for a hand pump toilet
Product Includes:
SaniMARIN 31C macerating electric marine toilet plus FREE soft-close Toilet Seat!

Options Include:
Electricity: 12V or 24V

Specifications & Installation Manual:
SaniMARIN 31c - Official Manual


Example Installations:

SaniMARIN Toilets - Example Installations (Photo Gallery)

Product Description:

Excellent alternative to hand pump products, the SaniMARIN Comfort toilet is the perfect, simple answer to having an electric toilet on a boat, even when there is lack of space. The 31cm-high SFA macerator toilet is the smallest electrical toilet on the market!

On this model, the flushing mechanism is triggered with a two-position switch that lets you either rinse or grind/pump. The length of each cycle is therefore user-controlled, without the use of electronics.

How It Works: Saniflo SaniMARIN Instructional Video

How It Works: 
SaniMARIN toilets combine a macerating pump and an electronically activated toilet into a single, compact package:

  • At the touch of a button on the control panel, waste is flushed down from the bowl into the macerating area situated below.
  • This area contains both a pump and a macerator. The latter is a turbine with stainless steel blades that swiftly grind the waste matter into fine particles in three to six seconds.
  • This matter is simultaneously pumped through a standard 1½-inch plastic pipe into a blackwater holding tank, which may be located above or below sea level, for eventual discharge. Thanks to their 10-foot pumping height and powerful horizontal pumping distance of 98 feet, SaniMARIN upflush toilets enable boat owners to locate the blackwater tank (or purification system) wherever desired on board.
  • Once the toilet bowl is completely emptied, the unit’s s-bend fills with water again. The water level in the bowl adjusts automatically at the end of each flush cycle to eliminate all risk of odors.

The SaniMARIN 31c has a control panel with two settings:

  1. “Add Water,” the bowl-flush command; and 
  2. “Pump Out,” the macerate-and-empty command.

So the length of each cycle is user-controlled, without the use of electronics.

Installation can be adapted to suit any plumbing configuration and all types of boats. SaniMARIN models operate with either an on-board, pressurized, freshwater system; or with a raw-water system that requires a separate seawater pump.

Warranty: 2-Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

Technical Specifications:
Saniflo - SaniMARIN31C - Technical Specs